Year 2 Mrs Moore

Literacy - Talk 4 Writing

We have been learning the story of The Magic Brush and using actions and a story map to help us remember the story.  

Have a look at the story map below and see if your child will show you their amazing actions as they re-tell the story. Next week, they will be writing their own ending - so no spoilers! Do not let them find out what really happens at the end.

Here is a copy of the story so far, so you can help your child practice.


In Maths this term we are looking at multiplication and division. To help your child with their learning in school, practice counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s - while dancing, walking, going up stairs - whenever you can.  We love using  the Supermovers videos to get us up and moving whilst learning.

BBC Supermovers - Maths Collection

Count groups of objects (multiplication) and share objects into groups (division) - sweeties, pencils, pebbles, toys, marbles -anything you can find.

Make sure your child is using their TTRockstars login - if you have lost this, just let me know and I can give it to you again.

Also, try playing some of these online games.

Coconut Multiples

Doggy Division

Funky Mummy

Archery Arithmetic


Here are our beautiful class, all ready to wow the audience in their first performance of Tinsel.














After learning about wheels and axles, the children were set a challenge to design and then create their own moving vehicle. The design criteria was that whatever they made, needed to roll a 30cm ruler's length without wobbling or falling apart - looks were not important. Once they had designed their vehicle, they were then given a range of materials to use to create their chassis, wheels and axles. It was a tricky challenge. Take a look at our photos to see our budding engineers and their creations.









To help the children understand a little more about World War One, we travelled back in time to 1914 and helped them experience what a day at school might have been like. We placed the tables in rows and gave them slate and chalk (whiteboards and pens) to write. The lessons taught focused on learning by rote, and covered the three Rs - we also did 'drill'. The boys and girls were then separated, with the girls learning needlecraft and the boys learning woodwork. We talked about corporal punishment and how mistakes would be punished by having to wear the dunce's hat. I think the children were very happy when everything returned to normal at the end of the day!







In Maths, we have been looking at 1 more and 1 less, and 10 more and 10 less than any given number up to 100.  We love playing this game in school, it is a great way to practise what the children have been learning.

Chopper Squad - maths practise


We put on some relaxing music and studied the sunflowers. The children were focusing on creating texture in their drawings, which I am sure you will agree, look amazing.

















In Literacy we have been using drama to learn the story of The King and Cockerel. Once they have decided what actions they want to use, they then practise retelling the story with their friends. They then draw a story map to help them remember the whole story.

The children are amazing at retelling the story - have a look at their pictures below.





Hello to all of our new Year 2 class.  Make sure you keep up to date with what's been going on at school by regularly checking this page. I will also add links to fun websites that we use in class to enhance our learning.

In Year 2, we need to know our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  Get some practise with these fun songs.

Click on the links below to have a look.

Practise your 2 times tables with Bridget the lioness

The Posh Pooch helps us with our 5 times tables

Ten times tables with Webster the spider


Den Building

Who doesn't love building dens? We spent the morning working to make the best den we could. We even got to test them as the rain pelted us for a few minutes. It turns out that we have some fantastic builders in the making.










Design Technology - Plant Carriers

This term in Design Technology we have been designing, creating and evaluating plant carriers. The class' challenge was to make a plant carrier to transport their sunflower or parsley (grown for Science) home. The children came up with their own list of design criteria, which they had to try and meet when making their carrier. They then had to test and evaluate whether they had succeeded and what improvements could be made.







Racecourse Trip

What a fantastic day we all had! The weather was gorgeous, the children were brilliantly behaved and we had a huge amount of fun. The day started with ice creams, then was filled with bug hunting, football, skipping, beachball games, alongside playing on the different things in the racecourse.






Arts Week - food

The children worked together in groups, following a recipe, to make some delicious Russian Tea Cakes. Once they were baked, they then got to sit down, relax and enjoy watching the National Russian Ballet perform Peter and the Wolf (whilst munching on the Tea Cakes)






Arts Week - dance

Did you know we had a class of fantastic dancers? Each and every one of the children works so hard whenever we learn a new dance, they are fantastic. Take a look at some of the shots we took while they mastered a Russian dance.






Summer Read






Arts Week

Well, how we managed to keep it all a secret from the children, I will never know, but Monday morning started slightly differently to usual this week. Children we stopped at their classroom door and handed an airline ticket that gave them their destination (Russia). With confused looks they lined up to be taken through 'security' and have their bags checked as they were herded into the Departure Lounge (Hall) to await instruction. 

This is what appeared on screen.

Click here to watch

After their flight was called, they made their way into our classroom, ready to immerse themselves in a week of the arts, relating to their destination, Russia.

Our first day was spent; creating collaged flags, painting in the style of Russian folk art, finding out some facts about Russia and sculpting Dymkovo Toy Dogs.








Cadbury World

One of our pledges this year was to visit a chocolate factory; so this week we set off to Cadbury World in Bournville. We were all wowed by the 4D cinema experience, then headed for lunch outside. The tour was exciting and included a journey back in time to when the cocoa bean was discovered and we also learned all about the history of Cadburys. A quick taste of delicious, melted chocolate topped off the day perfectly.










Visit to the Synagogue

We were out and about again this week, this time visiting the local Synagogue on Overstone Road. We were welcomed warmly by Michael and Daniel who answered lots of our questions and then went on to show us; the Torah, a Yad, a Menorah, a Kippah and a Tallit, amongst other things.

The children were extremely well behaved and I was so impressed with how much they had remembered from their RE lessons.








Science Day

Making Slime

At the beginning of the year, the children said they would love to have a science day where they got to explore and experiment.  We had a really hands on, exciting day; making slime,  volcanoes, bubbles and potions and also planting seeds.











The National Space Centre

We had the most amazing time visiting the Space Centre in Leicester.  It was great to consolidate the learning we had already done in class...we also had a lot of fun.









Trip to the Synagogue

We are walking to the Synagogue tomorrow morning. Please make sure your child has comfortable shoes and a waterproof coat. We will be back in time for lunch.

KS1 Singing Assembly

During this term we have begun to learn the song 'Sing' by Gary Barlow and the commonwealth band. The children have asked that I add this to their class page so that they can learn and practise it at home. We hope you enjoy it!!   Miss Cox :)

Maths - Measure

The class have been working on measure (capacity, weight and length) for a little while now. Here are some fun games to practice what they have learnt and show off their new skills.  

Capacity Countdown

Mostly Postie

Measuring in cm



Please make sure your child has trainers/pumps in their P.E. bag.  After the Easter break, we will be starting to do Athletics on the field as part of our P.E. lessons.

Thank you. 



We have been looking at materials and their properties this term. Then we looked at recycling and the children sorted materials and objects into the bins that they thought they would go in, compost, food waste, clothing, plastic and glass, paper and cardboard, etc. After that, we found out about the process of recycling a plastic bottle. The children ordered the pictures and then wrote sentences to describe the parts of the process.

Here is a great explanation of the process.


Problem Solving Maths Games

This is a fun game to really challenge your maths brain Magic Sqaures

Practice what you have learned so far about fractions

Fractions of shape

Fractions of an amount

Fraction matching


World Book Day 

What a fantastic day we had!  Our usual timetable was replaced with book focused activities.  We started the day with a game of pass the parcel, everyone in the class got a chance to unwrap a part of their new gift - and on World Book Day, it just had to be a book.

























 We set a timer to go off (loudly) every 30 minutes. As soon as the timer sounded, the children had to drop everything and rush to the carpet, where they stayed to enjoy a book.


The hats made by the children were absolutely stunning, we decided the best way to show them off was to have a fashion show in the classroom (complete with some very cool poses)!




Other activities included; a book scavenger hunt where children had to scour books to find a list of items, designing a book cover, writing a book review, and creating items relating to the book 'The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet' to form part of a new book focused school display.




Chinese New Year

On Tuesday we spent the whole day immersed in activities that celebrated the start of Chinese New Year.  Using our creative skills, we made Lai See Envelopes and Chinese Dragon cards.






In the afternoon we worked in groups to follow a recipe to create a delicious Bean Thread Noodle Salad.


The whole class blew me away with their impressive dance skills when we learnt a Chinese New Year Dance.




Storytelling Week

The children all know how much I love books, so Storytelling Week has been an absolute delight (I only hope the children have enjoyed it as much as me).

Every morning, we have started the day with a story - including authors like Julia Donaldson, Sean Taylor and Oliver Jeffers. 

After lunch, we turned off the lights, lit some tea-lights (battery operated, of course) and sat back and listened to Kate Winslet read The Faraway Tree.  The children were absolutely transfixed and listened so intently.  I then asked them questions about the story and we discussed what we thought about the characters and the plot so far.

On Tuesday, we invited parents into the class to share a book with their child (and others)…..thank you to all those who came.  And, as the evening approached, Years 1 and 2 snuggled up "Reading Under the Stars" with their parents and carers.  What better way to spend a cold, winter's evening than tucked up under a blanket, sipping hot chocolate and munching on biscuits, all whilst losing yourself in the pages of a book.

Throughout the week, we have been playing with story dice and using them to create our own, crazy stories; writing stories where different children take turns writing each part; creating stories with our Silly Stories Laboratory Book; as well as enjoying the books from the Storytelling Suitcase.





Maths Game

Below is a link to a set of fantastic online games that will help your child practise what they learn in school.  Watch your child show off their skills!

Practise times tables and number bonds



In Maths this term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. 

Practising counting in 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s will help your child a great deal...…..We love dancing to these songs in class.

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy any extra time you might get to spend with your loved ones and have a fantastic holiday from school. Don't forget to keep on reading and have a look at some of the Maths games links that are on this page.

See you in January!

Number Facts

Subtraction Grids

Number Bonds



Home Learning

A huge well done to all of the children who have completed their Home Learning EVERY week this term. Home Learning is extremely important in helping to cement learning that has already taken place in school. It also gives you a good idea of what they have been up to (and weather they need any more practise with anything).


During our Maths lessons this term, we have been looking at addition and subtraction. Take a look at some of these games with your child and see what they have learned.

Subtraction Game

Number Facts Game

Funky Mummy


Fire Engine

The class enjoyed a surprise visit from some local Firemen and their Fire Engine. We learned lots of interesting facts and even got to squirt the hose! The children were really interested in the engine and the Firemen and asked them lots of interesting questions like, "How long is your hose?" and "Can you use sand to put out a fire?"

The Firemen asked the children to check if they have a smoke alarm at home. They told us that if there isn't a smoke alarm in a home, they can organise for one to be fitted - free of charge! So don't be surprised if your children check that you have one.

Ask your child what they learned today about fire safety, putting out fires and what might be found on a fire engine.



Christmas Performance

Rehearsals for our Christmas performance, A Midwife Crisis have now started.  If your child has been given lines, please help them learn them. Soon we will be trying to rehearse without scripts, so any extra practise the children can get will help them a lot.  Thank you.


Visit From West Bromwich Albion Coaches

The children had a fantastic time practising some football skills and playing games with some coaches linked to West Bromwich Albion Football Club.  Even though the morning was quite 'fresh' they all enjoyed themselves and had fun taking part.



African Drumming

My ears are still ringing from the brilliant (and loud) time the class had today learning some drumming skills.  Please take a look at the pictures below.



Welcome back!

This term, our new topic is Fire! Fire!  In literacy we are continuing to look at descriptive language and using adjectives, noun phrases and similes to describe settings. We decided to combine these two elements and work to create a stunning display in the classroom. The children used a thesaurus to find some fantastic adjectives to describe a fire or flames. They then wrote these adjectives onto their own flame and added it to our Topic display board. We are hoping to keep adding to this display throughout the term and end up with an enormous fire full of amazing, descriptive words and phrases.


Well done to all of the children who completed their reading tree and added a leaf to our class tree.  It is looking a lot less bare now.


In Literacy we have been looking at adjectives, similes and noun phrases.

See if your child can describe an object using some amazing adjectives.

Can they describe a picture using a simile?

Here is a link to a fun game where your child gets to be the editor of a book and works to improve it by changing the nouns and adding in adjectives.....

Improve the use of nouns and adjectives in this book.


Our topic for Maths this term has been Place Value.

Here are some links to games that include the topics we have covered.

 Greater than / Less than

Rounding numbers to the nearest 10

identifying odd and even numbers

Ordering and sequencing numbers

Ordering numbers

Have fun and see how much your child has learnt!


Maths practise doesn't just need to happen in the classroom

It would be great if you could encourage your child to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s while you're at home or out and about.  Try counting forwards and then backwards.  Make it fun by getting them jumping, dancing, skipping as they count.

Quiz them about which numbers are odd and which are even.

Have a look at some of these great online resources.

counting in 2s - let's dance

counting in 5s to 100

counting in 10s forwards and backwards


The class have been working hard on adding texture to their drawings. This week they blew me away with their fantastic sunflower pictures. Have at look at some of them below.




In Maths this term, we are focusing on place value.  Please take a look at the below websites with your child and explore some of the games available. They are a great way to reinforce the learning taking place in class - and they're fun!


The class are learning to tell the story 'The King and the Cockerel' using story-telling actions. They are extremely good at this and have come up with their own actions for certain words.











Thank you to Dexter for showing the class his fantastic didgeridoo skills. We were all very impressed.


Fantastic knowledge of countries by Year 2 this week! Well done on naming 35 different countries :)

We will be continuing to learn about Australia in our topic work and will be finding out the answers to your questions.

Mrs D'alessio


Arts Week

Dear parents and carers,

Arts week is rapidly approaching and year 2 have now decided on our activities for arts week, however; we need your help with some recycled resources. Our activities and resource list is below.


Resources required

African Animal Masks

·        Large cereal boxes / cardboard (not too thick)

·        Wool

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Elastic

·        Plus any other bits you have lying around which you think would be good to decorate an African Animal mask.

Samba Instruments

·        Pringle tubes for drums

·        Any wood, plastic or metal container with ridges on the side for scraping a pencil down to make different sounds.

·        Milk cartons, lentils, split peas, rice, pasta etc. to fill the milk cartons to make a shaker instrument.

·        Any metal container, e.g. coffee containers for creating different deeper sounds.

Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

·        Cornflakes

·        Chocolate we can melt

·        Paper cake cases

African Animal Patterns

·        Any material / paper you have lying around with animal patterns on.

If you can help with any of these resources it will be greatly appreciated.

Please could you bring them into school by Friday 29th June?

Thank you for your help

From the Year 2 staff and Children


Relationships and Sex Education

Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting before half term. As promised, here is a list of books that might be suitable to share with your children.

Let’s talk about the birds and bees – Molly Potter

Hair in funny places – Babette Cole

Secret Girls’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Secret Boys’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Puberty Girl - Shushann Movsessian  

Puberty Boy - Geoff Price


 For older children

 It’s perfectly normal – Robie H Harris

The Period Book - Karen Gravelle

What’s Going on Down There - Karen Gravelle


Story Maths Give me Half!

We have had a fabulous day and a half learnImg this week with our maths linked to a story. We planned and made fraction pizzas using our knowledge on halves and quarters, we shared out cakes using our knowledge on thirds and measured out juice using our knowledge on capacity and shared the juice out equally between 2, 3 and 4 by measuring the juice out carefully. We used lots of maths language and had so much fun. 

Cinema Pledge

We have now completed another one of our pledges. We had a fabulous time At the cinema today with year one watching Sherlock Gnomes.




Each week we introduce new words to the children to help expand their vocabulary. We encourage them to use these in their writing or in class discussions.

Our words this week are:

Assume (Verb)

To think something is true without being sure of it.

Discover (Verb)

To find something by chance or for the first time.

Personality (Noun)

A persons characteristics

Secure (Adjective)

Firm and safe.


To all our wonderful Year 2's who are completing SATs this week. You have worked so hard and I know that you will be awesome!




Well done to everyone who has completed their 20 reads and have achieved their leaf on our Reading Tree!




Today in assembly we learnt about Ramadan. A Muslim festival that will start very soon. We learnt that during Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset, they increase their prayers , they perform good deeds and give to charity. We even listened to some words from the Quran. It was very interesting.

We look forward to learning about other festivals from other cultures.




Each year group has chosen some activities that they would like to do before the end of the school year. Year 2 have already ticked off two of theirs and after the end of the term and our visit to the cinema to watch Sherlock Gnomes we will have ticked off three!





We have being looking at different types of measurement in maths including time, temperature, weight and capacity....




Literacy / Topic


Our topic this term is Space. We have researched space and Tim Peak in order to write a non-chronological report. We had to extract the important information, break it down into sub-headings and then include a diagram. Here is some of our wonderful work...



Orange Day - Cake Sale


 Our Orange 'Stand up to Cancer' day was a huge success! The School Council had decided they wanted to support this charity to help fund research into cures for cancer. With our orange mufti day and the cake sale we raised approximately £440! Thanks to all who contributed and supported the cause!




 We have enjoyed painting our spiral pots. They will soon be ready to bring home for us to display proudly!






Our Language of the Term is Norwegian. Click the link below to help you learn some basic words! 


Orange Day!


We enjoyed supporting Stand Up to Cancer by dressing in orange and donating some money.




 School Council - Stand up to Cancer


The School Council have decided they would like to support Channel 4's 'Stand up to Cancer' campaign so on Friday 11th May we will be having an orange mufti day. You can wear anything you like, a scarf, a tie, glasses, tights or anything else that is orange with a suggested donation of £1.

We will also be holding a bake sale after school so we would really appreciate donations of cakes, cookies, donuts etc. (baked or bought!) that we can sell to help raise even more money for important cancer research.

We look forward to seeing you at the cake sale!




We went outside for our maths lesson. We were learning all about temperature. We used thermometers and discovered that it was 30 degrees Celsius!


Sponsored Bounce

We enjoyed our bouncing today!






In science we have been learning about micro-habitats so we went searching around the school to see what we could find!





We have been studying Hundertwasser in art. He was fascinated by spirals so we made some spiral clay pots based on his ideas. it also ticked off one of our pledges!