Literacy - Drama - The Fire of Northampton 1675

In Literacy, we have been learning about 'The Fire of Northampton. We used drama to re-enact the route of the fire. We will use our drama to help us write a recount of what happened.

A cottage in St Mary's Street - Gold Street - Jeyes Jetty - Past All Saints Church - Market Square - Welsh House



Science - Materials

We went on a local walk to look at how materials are used in the environment. We made a list of the objects we saw and the material it was made out of.





Maths - Addition and Subtraction



Maths - Partitioning



History - The Fire of London 1666

We have been learning about 'The Fire of London'. This lesson was about sequencing the events in a timeline. We worked with a partner to do this.




The Year 2 Curriculum

Autumn term 2: Fire Fire 

Maths: Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

Literacy: Information Text (The Rainbow Dragon) Recount (The fire of Northampton - Past tense/3rd person), Diary Entry - Past tense/1st Person

Science: Materials - Uses in the local environment

DT: Mechanisms - Wheels and Axles

ICT: I-pads --> Times Table Rock stars

History: How do we know so much about what happened in the Great Fire of London?

Music: Exploring sound, pulse and melody

RE: The Family in Judaism and Christmas

PE: Real PE scheme & Rehearsing for the Christmas production 

PSHE: Jigsaw: Celebrate Difference

History - WW1 Day



Science - Humans

We have been learning about what humans need to survive. As part of our learning we have looked at the five food groups and talked about why each food group is important to our bodies.



Maths - Place Value

We use lots of resources to help us with our maths.



We like to take our learning outside too.



Literacy - Sentence Structure

We create word banks to help us with our sentences. Furthermore, we use a washing line to help us  order the sentences so that they make sense.



Our Pie Corbett actions help us with our writing. Can your child tell you what words we are acting out?



The Year 2 Curriculum

Autumn term 1: Australia (Port Douglas)

Maths: Place Value of numbers

Literacy: Fables and Quests: Fictional writing (The King and the cockerel) Setting descriptions: based around Australian Dream time stories, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Dictation

Science: Humans: Basic needs for survival and Keeping Healthy

Art: Shoe Sketch, Lines, shape and texture including aboriginal patterns and faces and portraits

ICT: I-pads --> Codespark --> algorithms and e safety

Geography: How does the Geography of Port Douglas, Australia compare with the Geography of Northampton?

Music: Exploring pitch and melody

RE: The Family in Judaism

PE: Real PE scheme and Gymnastics

PSHE: Jigsaw: Being Me in My World


Firstly, I would like to say a very warm welcome to year two. I am really proud of how hard the children have worked since they started in year 2. We do have lots of different routines and they are learning fast. 

Say Hello to the Year 2 Staff

I am Mrs Freeman and my valuable support worker is Mrs Minney. Please come and speak to us either in the morning or at the end of the day if you need to.

September 2019 - July 2020 - Welcome to the children and their Parents/Carers.