Year 5 Ms de Sade

Homework for this term

We also expect the children to be daily; learning their times tables using TT Rockstars, reading to an adult or alone and to be learning their spellings.

Make an ancient Egyptian burial tomb.

What animals and crops did the Ancient Egyptians farm?  What information can you find out about this?

In Ancient Egyptian times there were no theatres,, televisions or computers, but they did enjoy watching processions & going to festivals. What information can you find out about this?

How were figures represented in Ancient Egyptian art. Draw and paint figures in the Ancient Egyptian style.

Make an ancient Egyptian menu.

Go for a run.

Write a message in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Use Fiction Express to read a chapter and answer the quiz on it after.

Ancient Egyptians wore clothing in a basic design that stayed the same for centuries. What can you find out about this?

Sit outside and draw something from nature using your observational drawing skills.

Research, design and make an ancient Egyptian war chariot.

3 pharaohs were successful in battle: Ramesses II, Ramesses III & Thutmose III. What can you find out about battles, weapons and what happened?




Homework for terms 5 & 6. Our topic is Ancient Egypt.


We have been looking at healthy diets and the impact eating can have on our physical and mental health. There were lots of ideas about which foods were 'healthy' and we decided that anything could be healthy, if we had it in the right amounts! 

Linking with our learning in Science, can you plan a meal for an astronaut? 





Wow! I'm so impressed with the standard of homework being produced - some really researched and creative pieces!


Happy New Year!

We have started our new topic - Natural Disasters. We have sent home our homework grid for the term. Please choose one homework to complete each week. As you can see, there are more choices than weeks to enable you to choose your favourite activities!

Research Mountains of the world. You could mark them on a map or you could make a list with their height and country of origin.


Pick a country of the world and make a fact file about it. E.G Flag, foods, capitol, language, rivers, mountains, religions, sports.


Research a mini project about ‘Wildfires’. How they start, where they start, what countries do they happen in,  what damage do they create etc.

Create the front page of a newspaper. Write about a natural disaster event include ‘photographs’ with captions that are relevant to the text.

Research and draw some flags from around the world.


Think about what you would need for a Natural disasters survival kit. You could draw them or list them.

Research Rivers of the world. You could mark them on a map or you could make a list with their length, country of origin and countries they run through.


Make a model of the sections of the earth.

Practise your times tables. You could use games like TTRockstars to make it more fun.

Read a chapter of a book on Fiction Express and take the quiz at the end.

Make a model of a volcano.


Research a mini project about ‘Monsoons’. How they start, where they start, what countries do they happen in,  what damage do they create etc.

 Have Fun :)




In English this week we have been researching the original Olympic games. We used the iPads to research information about the subject, evaluating the quality of the sources as we went. We have been developing our note-taking skills and created sheets for the rest of the class to use next week, when we will be creating non-chronological reports.

We also looked at the connective words and phrases that are common in the genre. We loved the anagram game on this site!

Sentence Starts Anagram Game


Armistice Day

Today we learned about Remembrance and why it is important. We wrote a message about it on a paper poppy and then gathered as a key stage to place our poppies on the hill at school. It was a solemn time and everyone was given the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are. 


Macmillan Coffee Morning Cake Sale

Huge congratulations and thanks to our Community Leaders for their work towards our successful cake sale! They helped the school raise £650. What a fantastic contribution. A big 'thank you' to everyone who baked or bought cakes, paid for the non-uniform day, and paid for a cake. 


Welcome to Year 5 2018-19!

We have had a great start to the year so far, getting used to the routines and getting stuck into our topic of The Ancient Greeks.

Each member of the class is being given an opportunity to develop a particular aspect of their leadership skill set throughout the year: Young Sports Leaders, Saints Study Leaders or Community Leaders. The Young Sports leaders have their first training session today. I can't wait for them to share what they have learned with us!






Relationships and Sex Education


Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting before half term.  As promised, here is a list of books that might be suitable to share with your children.


Let’s talk about the birds and bees – Molly Potter

Hair in funny places – Babette Cole

Secret Girls’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Secret Boys’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Puberty Girl - Shushann Movsessian  

Puberty Boy - Geoff Price



For older children


It’s perfectly normal – Robie H Harris

The Period Book - Karen Gravelle

What’s Going on Down There - Karen Gravelle





We have been exploring stop-motion animation this week, as a medium for telling stories and sharing information. It has been fantastic to see everyone working collaboratively on both the creative aspects and the technical side. I am very proud of the positive and supportive atmosphere! :)

Can you guess who created this one? Great first try!


Amelia, Sofia and Anjana created this film about pollution.

Tilo and Ruby have made an anti-bullying film.

Maggie and Skye made a film about an iPad!

Sophie, Sadiya and Lexi made 'The Rainbow Fountain'

Alisha and Courtney made 'The Horse Race'

Oscar and Ewan created an abstract film.

Hayden and Mason created 'The Life of Jeff'

Jenny and Laura used their hands imaginatively!


Anjana and Samia grew a flower.



Tilo, Hayden and Ewan

Roman, Mason and Oscar





This week we are learning about area and perimeter of rectilinear (rectangle based) shapes. We know that perimeter is the length of the line around the shape, and that we add the lengths together to find the total. We already know that we can multiply the length by the width of basic rectangles to find how many squares are covered up, now we are learning to break composite/compound shapes into simple rectangles to find the area. Have a go at these...

Image result for area rectilinear shapes


Words of the Week - I'm really proud of the class for their efforts in learning and using the Words of the Week. This week's words are:-

  • blunder - a silly mistake
  • buoyant - able to float
  • biannually - twice a year
  • brainwash - to force someone to change their ideas or beliefs
  • breathtaking - so amazing it makes you forget to breathe

Keep up the great work!


Fantastic home learning