Arts week got off to an exciting start when the children arrived at school and were given plane tickets to different countries. They had to check in, go through security to the departure lounge and wait for their flight to be announced.





This Term the Art club have been working on several projects focusing on colour, paint and skills.

One of our favourite projects was creating a commemoration of Remembrance to celebrate 100 years since the end of World War 1.  The children collected hundreds of plastic bottles and then created Poppies using lots of recycled materials.

We have now attached our poppies to our remembrance tree which is near to the hall. This tree will change over the next year with more art projects added to it.

Please come along and take a look.






Here is the winning Art Work in Key Stage 1 From Spring Term For the Art awards





Here is the winning Art work in Key Stage 2 from Spring Term for the Art awards.



  Children in Art club have used clay and feathers to create a collaborative piece of art work.