Community Helpers

The Community Helpers have completed a survey with the whole school about snack and are taking on board the children's comments and hoping to make some small changes. Thank you to everyone that is paying  £1 a week for snack.

The School Council decided that they would like to support Channel 4's Stand up to Cancer campaign. They felt that lots of people knew people that were suffering or had suffered with cancer and they wanted to raise money to help pay for vital research. They wrote their own letter to the parents to explain their ideas. As a result we had an orange 'mufti' day and a cake sale after school. They raised approximately £440 for the charity and were absolutely delighted! 



 The School Council have been working hard to implement the Kingsley Kindness scheme. There are Kindness Jars in each classroom where the children can fil in slips to say who has performed a random act of kindness. The children know that there is no reward for this other than the great feeling that they are helping someone else.  During our celebration assemblies, slips are picked out of the jars, read out and the displayed on our board.




Our School Council members were elected by the children in their class. School Council meet every week on a Tuesday.

They have introduced kindness jars in each class so that children and adults can write a note about an act of kindness they have seen or received. The kindness jars are taken to Celebration Assembly each week and a random act of kindness is celebrated and displayed in the hall.

The School Council have discussed becoming an eco school and want to do more recycling. They have interviewed our caretaker about recycling and have ordered some new compost bins. The compost will be used for gardening club and forest schools.

They are working on mini school fund raising events and their current project is film nights for each year group.